You Are Never Too Old To Be Active

Recently my seventy year old mother started a new aquatics class at our local pool. She has a 74 year old friend who just started Tai Chi. All over the United States, it seems that senior citizens are learning that you are never too old to be an active senior!

Seniors, of course, have special concerns they need to pay attention to when they embark on any fitness routine. To start, they should check with their doctor to make sure there aren’t any health concerns. Also, they may want to work with a trainer or expert in senior fitness in order to ensure they are exercising in a manner that is appropriate for their age and current physical condition.

Being active and fit has numerous advantages for any senior. To start, it will increase a seniors ability to enjoy their life to the fullest by being in better physical health and shape. It can also help with mental wellness. There are social benefits as well for many seniors, who will find new friends in fitness classes.

If you are a senior interested in started a fitness routine, do not hesitate. As these examples above suggest – it is never too late to start to get fit!

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