Great Toys for Grandmas

The holidays are coming and it’s time to start collecting trinkets and toys for when grandchildren come visiting. I know that having a nice collection of already wrapped gifts in the closet are invaluable for family visits or a day with grandma.

I also know that the last thing my children want is more cheap, plastic toys for their kids. For that reason, I usually pass up the plastic offerings and look for nicely crafted (but also affordable) wooden toys instead. I find that the wood toys are more durable and beautiful, and if they are unfinished, we can turn painting them into a craft project as well.

Not only can you purchase these toys for unexpected (or even planned visits), but it is fun to try to make some yourself. Here is a great video with some natural craft ideas I recently found on YouTube. I love the idea of using treasures in your own backyard to create crafts and toys!

Here is the video:

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